WowWee MiP Is a Gesture-Controlled Robot Buddy

WowWee, by and large a toy manufacturer, has found fame over the past few years by creating some of the most advanced robot companions out there, at fairly reasonable prices. Their newest robot pal, MiP, is no different, introducing some brand new ways to play while keeping things affordable.

MiP is a cross between a robot and a Segway, which is pretty impressive – WowWee has found a way to make MiP not just mobile, but pretty agile, while balancing on just two wheels. MiP can spin around and switch directions abruptly without toppling over. MiP has some upper arm strength, too – the robot comes with a serving tray, and can ferry around items for you, including things as big as a whole other MiP robot.

Playing is the fun part, and controlling the robot has a new twist this time, compared to other WowWee robots. They’ve introduced gesture control, so you can order MiP around with hand movements. That’s in addition to a free app that gives you more traditional means of control. You can also use the app to play games with MiP, design paths for him to travel, let him roam freely, or dance around. You can even have your MiP battle another person’s MiP. On top of all that, MiP has a personality that will change depending on how often you play with him and how well you treat him.

MiP has already been a hit at CES this year, becoming a top ten finalist in the Last Gadget Standing competition. But, you’ll need to wait until spring of this year to get your hands on MiP, when he officially ships. You can pre-order MiP now for $100.

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