$1600 Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Clutch Looks Delicious Enough to Eat

Charlotte-Olympia-Gummi-Bear-Acrylic-ClutchIt might not be the juiciest gummy bear out there, but you can bet it’s the most expensive!

The Gummy Bear. That fantastic guilty pleasure that not only tastes good but has spawned light fixtures, life size Gummy Bears, toys and now a pricey bag.

Fans of the classic candy store staple (who isn’t, right?) should love the eye candy on display here. The feminine-faced Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Acrylic Clutch Bag is lightweight and made of acrylic. It’s sort of an oddball bag (besides the obvious design choice) – there’s a hinge on the bottom near the feet, and a magnetic closure up top. It’s more like a small, portable box than a clutch, but it’s gummy bear couture all the same.



What you can fit in the bag will be pretty limiting, but it better make an impression since it will be pretty visible for all the world to see.

Rocking the candy while you’re out on the town will run you $1,595, off the Neiman Marcus online store.

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