Zoomer Gets a Buddy in Dino, Newest Addition to Robotic Pet Line


So, advances in robotics and remote control have made robot pets possible. Naturally, this meant the advent of the loyal robot dog, like Zoomer. Zoomer has a lot of company. But, as much as we all love dogs, the question needs to be asked – if it’s robots we’re talking about, why limit ourselves?

Basically, what I’m getting at is pet robot dinosaurs. Pet robot dinosaurs that will guard you with the zealotry and ferocity that I’m not sure dogs can compete with. Dino here actually has a guard mode, where he’ll chomp and swing his tail around menacingly. Dino can be left to his own devices, too, or you can use the remote control included. Either way, you’ve got a pet dinosaur (with color-changing eyes!) to terrorize unsuspecting family members.


But, Dino isn’t all business. He has some dance moves, too, and different moods, so he’s not always in ‘thrash everything in sight’ mode. Handy addition. Unfortunately, we’ll still have to wait a little while longer to start building our own Jurassic Parks – Dino doesn’t become available until fall of this year, when he’ll retail for about $100.