Temporary Tattoos Just a Got a 3D Makeover

tattoo alive

Looks like temporary tattoos are no longer content to just be temporary tattoos. They’re stepping their game up, and heading into the world of 3D – well, kind of, anyway.

Tattoos Alive make temporary tattoos that start out as pretty standard – cartoon characters that you wet and stick on yourself. That’s when you pull out your smartphone – using a scanning app and your phone’s front-facing camera, the character on the tattoo will come to life on screen and dance around a little. There’s a dragon, a fairy, a robot, and a few other tattoo friends in the initial set that you can choose from.

Tattoos Alive will officially become available on April 15, when you can get a set of six tattoos of a single character for $1.99 or a box of four tattoos of all six characters each for $4.99.

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