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Ellen’s Selfie Lives on as a Commemorative T-Shirt

Ellen's Selfie

The Internet works fast – just a couple days after the Academy Awards and the Selfie of Many Retweets hit the air, T-shirts to commemorate the occasion are upon us. Get them now, before everyone forgets the reference.

Ellen’s selfie with a horde of celebrities in tow at the Oscars broke the record for most retweeted tweet on Sunday, approaching a cool one million. If you’re wondering, the previous record-holder was of Barack and Michelle Obama hugging after Barack’s 2012 election night victory. The president was done in by an insensible number of good-looking people crammed into one place, headlined by Ellen, who pretty much dominates Twitter by herself, anyway.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, we have cheap T-shirts from Etsy. Seller TheTshack has a couple different styles, one a riff on the ‘Keep Calm’ meme, and the other emblazoned with the unbelievably bold statement of ‘My selfies are cooler than Ellen’s.’ You’re going to need a lot of hubris to pull that one off in public. Although, while we’re on the subject, let’s give credit where credit is due – technically, it was Bradley Cooper’s selfie. Or maybe not, who has selfie ownership, the owner of the phone or the one who took the picture? Maybe the one who posted it? Someone needs to codify this.


Anyway, it’s hard to say how these T-shirts will look in real-life, because the images look like someone used Paint to paste the text on the black T-shirt in the background. Anyway, the Keep Calm shirt is going for $18, and the shirt that is almost certainly factually incorrect is selling for $15.

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