Firefox Buys Some Art


Firefox has entered the fine art collection scene, buying up a new piece from one Melissa Mahoney. Why the art appreciation from the web browser? Fox recognizes fox, and Mahoney’s 24” x 24” acrylic painting is looking pretty foxy.

Mahoney’s painting, Vulpes, was made in the Ensō style, a Japanese art style that uses circles. So, it’s a circular fox, with splotches of orange and blue. Sound familiar? Someone from Firefox saw it and saw the resemblance to Firefox’s own logo, and decided it belonged in Mozilla headquarters. Mahoney and Mozilla alike are fans of the contrasts between the colors used, like the orange/blue and green/red pairings (if you look near the tail, for the latter).

Firefox is hoping that the painting injects some energy into their office space. If nothing else, at least now they have another industry to fall back on in the unlikely event the whole browser thing doesn’t work out.

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  1. Dude the artist ripped the Firefox logo, so obvious it was completely inspried and is the firefox logo.

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