Floppy Fish is a Flappy Bird with Fins


There’s so much ground to cover here, I don’t even know where to begin. There’s the jubilation some will at the coming of a(nother) Flappy Bird clone. There’s the philosophical question of what to do with a rip-off of what was already alleged to be a rip-off. There’s the appropriation of even more Mario tropes and assets. And really, Flappy Bird wasn’t hard enough? Now you have to bring in an underwater level? No one likes underwater levels.

This is Floppy Fish, which takes a Mario-looking fish through a Mario-looking underwater seascape with Mario-looking pipes and coins while dodging not-Mario-looking (but come on, same idea) jellyfish. The game mechanics look to be the same, so it’s pretty much Flappy Bird 2.0, even though I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first Flappy Bird clone out there. In fact, there’s this lovely bit of breaking news from The Telegraph saying that roughly one-third of new game submissions to the iTunes App Store are Flappy Bird clones, which I’m going to go ahead and not comment on.

So, if you’re hard up for Flappy Bird action, which you apparently shouldn’t be, here’s the 1,376,548th iteration of it. May it be better than all that came before.

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