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Karl Lagerfeld Brings the Selfie to Changing Rooms in London Store


Karl Lagerfeld isn’t just bringing fashion into the future – he’s bringing the changing room along with it. The Chanel head’s new outlet store in London is looking to start a new trend of selfie-ready changing rooms, with the help of iPads.

The Karl Lagerfeld outlet store on Regent Street on London is now open, and all of its changing rooms are equipped with iPads. Why? So you don’t have to go outside of the changing room to ask advice from your equally occupied fellow shoppers. You can crowdsource fashion advice, without even leaving that 2′ x 4′ booth. What a world.

Of course, there’s the question of necessity, seeing as how we can be pretty sure that anyone walking into a Lagerfeld outlet has at minimum two devices on hand capable of taking a selfie. But, if this means not having to bend down to fish out said device from a purse or pocket, then by all means, let convenience reign. Think of it this way – that’s just more calories you can burn when you’re FitBitting it around the park later.

Via Metro

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