You Won’t Believe How These People Use Instagram

Instagram – it’s pretty straightforward, right? You take a picture, slap a filter on it, and pile on the hashtags. Alright, maybe you can do that with video now, too. Still, simple enough, right?

Not so fast – there’s more to Instagram than meets the eye. The most creative among us have turned Instagram into their own virtual playground, and it turns out there are a lot of kids on those digital monkey bars. You can get up to all kinds of extracurricular activities using Instagram, and if you think that involves a little extralegal action, well, you’re absolutely right!


my little ponyMarketplace

Instagram is all about taking reality and making it look its absolute best. If that sounds like a marketer’s dream, that’s because it absolutely is! Sellers from all around the world are flocking to Instagram to sell their wares, handmade or otherwise. Inselly is a site where you can post pictures of items for sale using your Instagram account. Prospective buyers can contact you over Instagram to work out the terms of the sale. It’s like your neighborhood boutique, expanded to one really big neighborhood.



Club Promotion

The Las Vegas nightclub scene is, shall we say, competitive. As such, and as Instagram is very much a mobile phenomenon, clubs are going all-in on Instagram to promote themselves. Aggressively, in fact. Now, sure, there’s the obvious strategies – sending out pictures of ridiculously attractive people and top-notch DJs in your establishment, accompanied by all the relevant hashtags. Holding Instagram contests to get club-goers to promote your place for you is even better. But, this is the pinnacle of nightclub competition, so we need to go one level higher. Some clubs track hashtags to proactively find attractive people stalking the strip and entice them to come to their nightclub.



Buy Drugs

Here’s that extralegal part. The Internet itself really should get the credit for revolutionizing the black market, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at how Instagram has carved out its own little niche. Some users are sharing pictures of their goods, including mephedrone, ecstasy, and derivatives of better-known drugs. But, why be specific? Try hard enough, and I’m sure you can find what you’re looking for. Some users make it even easier – they put up pictures with price lists and their handles on other messaging services that probably don’t crack down as hard on this kind of business.



Pick Up Dates

Again, Instagram is all about taking reality and making it look its absolute best. That’s a marketer’s dream, and it pretty much sums up dating, too – so much so that there’s one app that thinks the contents of your Instagram profile might be better than your online dating profile. Glimpse is a new Instagram dating app – choose nine of your Instagram pictures, then start scouring the community for other Instagram pictures you like. If you give a picture a smile, and the same person smiles at one of your pictures, you’ve got a match. Glimpse lets you connect, and the rest is up to you.



Real Estate Sales

And then, there’s the biggest of sales. Instagram is right up real estate’s alley – visual, with filters there to entice interest in your home. Home owners and agents alike are slowly but surely heading over to Instagram, using strategically picked hashtags to help pump up interest in their properties. In fact, there’s enough interest to start warranting advice columns, including the most essential tip – make sure you don’t get caught in any mirrors when you’re Instagramming the bathroom.


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