Yezz Loads Their Smartphone with Flappy Bird


Yezz doesn’t have much in the way of name recognition in the world of mobile phones, but they’ve got one hell of a head-turner on their hands with their new contest. One lucky winner will win their Andy A5 smartphone. Big deal, right? It’s a cheap Android phone. Well, it is a big deal, because this particular cheap Android phone is coming with no less than the veritable, original Flappy Bird pre-installed.

Flappy Bird, despite desperate pleas from hopeless addicts and Houlihan’s alike, has not made a return to the iTunes App Store or Google Play since being yanked by creator Dong Nguyen. If you missed the boat the first time, this is your shot. Your chance at redemption for not playing the golden standard of time-wasters from 2013. All you need to do is like Yezz Mobile’s Facebook page, which will allow you one entry. You can score more entries by liking and sharing Yezz statuses and updates, which might earn you askance looks from your friends, but if that’s what’s necessary to feed your addiction, so be it.

The phone itself isn’t half bad, with a quad-core MTK processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The display isn’t great, but hey, this isn’t really a phone, it’s a Flappy Bird player. We’re not looking for 4k here.

Granted, this all might be moot – Nguyen has already somewhat ambivalently stated (tweeted) that Flappy Bird will make a triumphant return to everyone’s two favorite app stores at some point in the future (side note: what a great scheme to pump up a second wind of interest!). But, Flappy Bird and patience don’t really go hand in hand. Persistence, maybe – in that case, put that persistence to use by spamming that share button so hard your friends will start pining for the days of Farmville.

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