Logitech K830 Keyboard Glows with Each Keystroke



It’s surely a sign of the times that keyboards made specifically for use in the living room with televisions are not just practical, but downright desirable. The Logitech K830 keyboard is just that, a keyboard for your increasingly smart television.

As usual, this is a USB device, so you’ll get a now-familiar Logitech dongle to stick into one of your television’s USB ports. But, this is being marketed as a living room keyboard, which begs the question – what, exactly, is a living room keyboard? Turns out, it means not having to try to use a couch cushion as a mouse pad. The K830 has a touchpad on the right side, with left and right click buttons and three volume buttons – up, down, and mute. That way, the need to tote around an extra mouse and struggle to use it precisely is gone.


Range is pretty standard, at about 33 feet. You should get about 10 days of battery life before the keyboard needs to be recharged, which is pretty generous. To make the keyboard more media friendly, the keyboard is strongly backlit, so you can see the keys easily if you have the lights dimmed or off for movie watching. The function keys have also been outfitted with media functions.

The Logitech K830 Keyboard is available now for $100.