New Dating App Wants Austin Singles Only

screenshot_59There’s good news and bad news – good news is that this involves something called Firefly, bad news is that it’s not the kind of Firefly that involves Nathan Fillion or Joss Whedon. Well, unless one of the two is going to be looking for dates in Austin in the foreseeable future. You can dream.

Firefly is a new dating app, and for now, it’s only playing Cupid in Austin, Texas – aka Silicon Valley South. It follows the general app trend of the day, valuing limited, specific functionality. Like Tinder, you’re basically giving a quick approval or disapproval to the few people the app shows you per day. But, even the pool of available people you’ll see is limited – only friends of friends on Facebook will show up. As has become the norm, a mutual approval will open up a line of communication, and you two aspiring lovebirds can take it from there.

Firefly will probably result in a lot of dates between very like-minded people – it’s more or less for techies, or whatever label you want to slap on them, to get with other techies. Still, there’s probably a pretty fair amount of variety within that subset in Austin, so if you’re there, single, and ready to mingle, you know what to do. Firefly is available for free for iOS devices, and is in development for Android.

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