Spotify Goes Black with a Fresh New Look

overviewBig news, Spotify users! You’re getting a new interface, and it’s inky black!

Alright, so it might sound a bit silly when Spotify comes out with an exciting(!) announcement about a color scheme change, but to be fair, it probably will improve your Spotify experience. By making the background black, the colors of the album art and buttons stand out much more. The contrast, so far, looks pleasing to the eye. That, and Spotify says most of their users demanded a darker interface anyway, so hooray for democracy!

The new Spotify update isn’t just about a trip to the dark side, as they call it. They’re also making it easier to organize your music collection, with a new feature appropriately called Your Music. Instead of just being able to save artists and albums in bulk, you’ll have much tighter and more intuitive control over what is and isn’t in your collection and playlists.

And, following up a bit on what Beats Music is trying to do, Spotify is trying to give you more context-specific song recommendations when browsing. This could depend on the time of day or where you happen to be at that moment – like suggesting the Rocky IV soundtrack when the app sees that you’ve hit the gym or a snow-covered mountain range in Russia.

The browser, desktop app, and iOS versions of Spotify will be able to download the new update sometime today, while everyone else will still have to wait a little bit longer – but don’t fret, it’s coming.

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