TAG Heuer’s Meridiist Infinite is Powered by the Sun


Hey everyone, TAG Heuer has invented the world’s first perpetual power reserve-backed communication instrument! Whoa, exciting oh it’s a solar-powered phone that looks like it runs Symbian.

Well, luxury is an image market, and I guess that goes for the marketing materials, too. The ‘communication instrument’ (seriously?) in question here is called the Meridiist Infinite. The ‘perpetual power reserve’ bit is in reference to photovoltaic cells that are integrated into the sapphire crystal display, which will continually charge the phone – notably, under either natural sunlight or artificial light. Those cells will provide enough power to constantly keep the phone on – it should never need a charger.

This is a luxury piece, so the materials are fitting. The Meridiist Infinite is made of titanium grade 5, carbon, and rubber. Fancy.

So, there you have it. TAG Heuer has invented – I don’t know what, solar-powered phones have already been made, so I’m not sure what the invention is. I guess the combination of solar power and a sapphire crystal display. Incidentally, that’s the same sapphire crystal that, in all likelihood, we’ll see in the this year’s iteration of the iPhone, and probably even more phones next year. So, don’t feel too bad if you’re not one of the 1,911 people who get one of these limited edition Meridiist Infinite phones – sorry, communication instruments. Anyway, if you want a price, you’re going to have to ask Tag Heuer, so the implications are clear.

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