You’ll Need an Exterminator For This iPhone Case

7-040878img11Because surely you’ve all dreamed of the day when you could put a cockroach up to your head, but never had a socially legitimate reason to do so, Strapya World has bestowed upon us this gem – an iPhone 5/5S case in the form of everyone’s favorite household companion. The use of silicone has possibly never been more appropriate, for maximum inducement of squeamishness.

This cockroach, which I hope but am not entirely convinced is larger than the ones scurrying around your floor at the moment (go ahead, check), has got it all in terms of cockroach anatomy. Beady eyes, legs that greet you when you go to use your phone and all that, although the antennae are curiously missing. The case should protect your phone from drops, but, unlike the cockroaches in my last apartment, I’m not sure if it and your phone will survive being hammered repeatedly by a blunt object. I don’t advise that you try to verify that.

You can buy one now for $28.60, plus some amount of shipping costs to import it, which you obviously want to do. A cockroach case should be the best protective case ever, no?

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