Edifice ERA300 Watches Pack in Digital Compass and Thermometer

casioCasio dropped a couple new watches today in their Edifice line, and hey, it’s never too early to start thinking about Father’s Day.

The two new ERA300 watches – one comes with red detailing, the other with blue – sport Casio’s Twin Sensor technology. That’s a fancy way of saying these watches have built-in digital compasses and thermometers, with the option to save bearings with the former. The second hand does double duty as the compass needle, which points to true north with a button press. You also have the usual Casio fare, like a stopwatch, multiple alarms (five), world time, water resistance (to 100 m), and an LED backlight.

Add a stainless steel or resin band and enough dials on the face to make it look like a jet cockpit, and you have a pretty nice looking Father’s Day watch on your hands (or wrists), that pulls off a nice mix between analog and digital functionality.

The red ERA300 is made of resin and costs $330, while the blue ERA300 is made of stainless steel and costs $380.

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