Why is the CIA on Twitter?

I’m not totally sure why the CIA felt the need to join Twitter last week, because I’m sure they’ve been following everyone for a long, long time anyway. But, joined it they have, and people have followed in droves – just shy of 600,000, with only three tweets posted to date.

I can only assume that 600,000 people are really interested in learning things that the CIA thinks are not important – excuse me, unclassified. They’ve been more stingy with the follows, though, only tallying 25, which consists exclusively of fellow government departments. I guess that makes sense – if the CIA is really going to follow you, they’re probably not going to tell you about it.

Anyway, the Twitter PR push turned out about as well as it does for any other less than popular individual or organization – with jokes and flames. Whoever’s running the WikiLeaks Twitter account had plenty of fun, amused by the CIA’s second tweet telling of all the exciting unclassified information to come, with this pithy response –

Then again, I’m pretty sure the CIA saw that kind of a welcome coming. Otherwise, it’d seem they have some pretty faulty intelligence.

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