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Watch Elders React to Google Glass and it is Spot-On!

Elders React has become a YouTube staple over the years, with a roster of loveable old folks and their reactions to the newfangled surprises the future has brought. Like dubstep! They recently tackled Google Glass, and—well, if we’re being honest, the whole YouTube video is a pretty good encapsulation of the Google Glass narrative arc from announcement to present. These old folks know what’s up.

We start with wonder and a little bit of confusion about how to actually put Google Glass on, before continuing to amazement over science fiction becoming reality. Our heroes are impressed by how the technology works, and how much things have changed since their day. And, of course, we end with concerns about distractions and becoming a social pariah if you wear Google Glass out in public. Opinion over Google Glass is split in the end.

The entire video, from start to finish, summarizes just about everything that’s been written about Glass since the beginning—if we learned anything from this video, it’s that these are some pretty hip old folks with modern sensibilities. Maybe age is nothing but a number, after all.

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