Condoms That Kill HIV Could Be Coming Very Soon

HIV Condom

The world’s still hurting for a cure to HIV/AIDS, but one pharmaceutical company out of Australia might have something significant on their hands in at least stopping the spread of HIV. Starpharma has developed condoms that deactivate HIV and a host of other STIs using a medical gel.

That gel is called VivaGel, and contains astodrimer sodium, which is a non-antibiotic, antimicrobial drug that attacks STIs like HIV. VivaGel is also said to protect against herpes and HPV, making these new condoms a pretty significant step forward in reducing the prevalence and spread of STIs in general.

A big hurdle was cleared recently, as Starpharma secured Conformity of Assessment Certification by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, which is essentially confirmation from the government that the gel does what it’s supposed to do. Starpharma is now working with Ansell, which is apparently a massive condom magnate in Australia, controlling 70 percent of the market. Something tells me that market share is going to grow soon.

It’s hard to tell when VivaGel is going to appear in condoms in other lands—everyone has their own standards and regulatory bodies that need to scrutinize the new drug. Still, it’s a promising step forward, and if it can pass muster in Australia, chances are it can get cleared in other parts of the world soon enough.

Via Daily Mail