Intel and Michael J. Fox Partner on New Wearable Device for Parkinson’s Disease

Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation have big ideas about how to pursue new avenues of Parkinson’s Disease research, and the good news is they’re in the initial stages of making that happen.

Bret Parker, who talks about his experiences in this video, is just one of many participating in a pilot research program involving wearable technology and centralized data collection. Parker, who has Parkinson’s, is wearing a wrist-worn sensor that collects data about his body. That data is aggregated with that of every other participant in a central server that researchers can access, giving them far more access to information about the disease, faster than ever.

If programs like this help to speed along Parkinson’s research toward finding new ways to cope with the disease or, better yet, a cure altogether, there’s no telling how many more illnesses and disorders could be monitored in a similar way. It could also open the door to more meaningful remote cooperation with doctors to deal with the disease on a day-to-day basis, something many new apps have been trying out.

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