Mophie Juice Pack Doubles the Battery Life of the Galaxy S5

Mophie Juice Pack

Samsung thinks the Galaxy S5’s battery life is good enough that it can act as a portable battery pack for another device, but chances are things aren’t going to shake out that way most of the time. Fortunately, if you do push your S5’s battery to the limit on a daily basis, Mophie has finally released their battery pack case for the S5.

The Juice Pack for the Galaxy S5 is a thin, hard case with a soft, rubberized interior for shock absorption, so it’s just as good of a protective case as it is a battery pack. Slightly raised edges on the front side help to protect the screen, so as protective cases go, the Juice Pack covers most of the bases.

More important is the battery itself—Mophie has managed to fit a 3,000 mAh battery into their case, which is a pretty generous complement to the 2,800 mAh battery in the S5 itself. The case plugs into the Micro USB port on the bottom, but has a follow-through port, so you can still sync the S5 with the case on or charge the case and phone together. The case also allows NFC and S Beam signals to pass through. There’s a switch on the case that activates charging, along with LED light indicators telling you how much battery life the Juice Pack itself has remaining.

The Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S5 is available now in black or white for $100.


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