Hello Kitty Science in Wonderland

Hello Kitty has fans spanning the globe, and now she’s making waves in her home country again. This time, it’s all about the science. Yes, you read that correctly. With a cosplay twist of course.

Nasu Highland Park, Japan, has just opened a Hello Kitty Science in Wonderland exhibition designed to encourage young people to learn about science. The interactive exhibit involves experiments relating to Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole; think time going awry and magical potions changing what we know about reality.

Masumi Kaneko, spokesperson for the park said that the idea was because, “Hello Kitty is pleasant,” and the use of the Sanrio approved cat makes people interested in “science which tends to be considered difficult.”

“It’s a hands-on program for visitors to experience the wonders of science,” she shared. For example, there are rooms featuring altered perspectives, to let people grasp concepts of size and mass (yes, that infamous Alice drink me bottle). There’s also a room which uses sensor technology to create models that adapt to the user. Isn’t science sparkly, guys?

Adults might enjoy the kitschiness, but the concepts are really aimed at a younger audience. But for the true Hello Kitty aficionado, how could you miss out? Open till January 5th, 2015.