Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Sings Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors

Minnie Mouse is showing off her singing chops along with her unmatched fashion sense this year. Rainbow Dazzle Minnie rocks a light-up outfit that can change colors, and she sings a Cyndi Lauper song. They went with the obvious choice.

While I guess there’s never a bad time to go with “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “True Colors” is the choice here. Before the performance, a button press on her hand makes her outfit—skirt, top and bow—light up. Kids can then touch each piece of the outfit to change its color. Once those kids are satisfied with their outfit matching skills, which are no doubt more developed than mine, they can give the button another press. Minnie will stick with her outfit and serenade anyone around with her own rendition of “True Colors.”

When Rainbow Dazzle Minnie hits stores in August (for $25), she’ll also comes with little plastic camera accessory, because as all fashionable people know (plus me because I just now learned that), accessorizing is key to making any outfit work.