Infinity One Speaker is Linkin Park Approved – Review

When Linkin Park announced their partnership with Harman Kardon last year, you knew they were going to do something special. One of the first payoffs of that partnership, is the Infinity One wireless sound system. The Infinity One is similar in design to the JBL Pulse, sans the pulsating colors that light up a room. It is also significantly bigger than the JBL Pulse, making it a powerful portable wireless speaker with high-quality audio sound that lasts about 10 hours on a single charge.

The shape in particular is one of our favorite parts of the Infinity One, the cylindrical design allows music to fill the room from all points. It lays horizontally on rubber feet giving it support, and while the speaker is portable, it does have a bit of heft. So while it technically is portable, it just isn’t all that light to carry around. It is also a very masculine looking speaker, so while most speakers are unisex, for some reason the Infinity One looks like it would appeal more to men then women. The design is also rugged and will certainly handle abuse when lugging it from Point A to Point B.

More importantly, the technology of the Infinity One is future proof. Not only does it have the obvious Bluetooth connectivity, it also features NFC, an AUX input, and both a mini and regular size USB Port. The Infinity One also has the ability to fully charge your iPhone or Android in about 2 hours.


On the top of the speaker you will find the control buttons that light up, that make it easy for you to increase or lower the volume. The connectivity buttons also light up. While this may seem insignificant to some, but the fact that there are controls on the speaker is a plus for me because that means I have the ability to control the speaker from my smartphone – or from the speaker itself.

Lets keep in mind that Linkin Park had a hand in collaborating on the design and audio experience for these speakers – so of course their music sounds amazing on it. The lows, mids and full vocal range just fill the room. Likewise, alternative rock and hard rock really shine through on their 1.75” active drivers. Meanwhile typical pop vocalists like Rihanna and Katy Perry are just OK sounding. The Infinity One also sounds much better when streaming high bit rate music files saved on your device, versus playing music off of a streaming service like Spotify. So you’ll really want to stream high quality songs to unlock the true potential of the speaker.


In the end, the Infinity One Speaker from Harman Kardon is one of those rare collaborations with musicians that actually pays off. It is a quality speaker through and through that delivers in sound and design. It is portable enough, and supports multiple connectivity options and even charges your smartphone. Honestly, there really isn’t anything it cannot do. The one sticking point might be the price of $299.95, and it is certainly at the higher end of the price range when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. However, for everything you get and the stamp of approval from Linkin Park to boot – this is a speaker worth adding to your collection.

Buy it!

The Good: Solid design and construction. Future proof design. Excellent sound quality for hard rock and alternative music.

The Bad: Pricey. Too heavy for it to be something you carry around all the time.


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