Would You Trust a VR Headset That Costs Just $40?

Oculus Rift hasn’t even made it to market yet, and already we’re jumping headfirst into the world of cheap VR. Granted, it doesn’t get more cheap VR than something you can throw together using a bunch of crap in your junk drawer and some empty Raisin Bran boxes, but this new VR headset is promising bigger things for a low price of $40 — namely, head tracking.

Head tracking is one major piece of VR tech that isn’t included in Google Cardboard — there are workarounds, but no way to get it right out of the box. And head tracking is pretty important — it’s what turns VR into an immersive entertainment medium. Like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, the Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset works by strapping in a smartphone, in this case into a spring-loaded mechanism behind the lenses. The mechanism should fit any phone smaller than 3.25″ x 6″, which means the iPhone 6 Plus and most other 5.5″ and larger phones will probably be too big to fit.

Other amenities besides the head tracking are comfortable foam headgear and adjustable lenses. We’re hesitant to recommend a device offering serious VR tech for $40, at least before we’ve been able to do a proper review, but if you want to be one of the brave, adventuring souls who will go out and discover whether or not cheap VR truly has arrived, you can find the Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset for $40 at Sharper Image stores.

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  1. Google Cardboard has head tracking… Using the EXACT same method. The gyroscopic sensors and compass in the phone itself.