OnePlus Is Giving Away Free VR Headsets Ahead of the OnePlus 3 Launch

You have to hand it to OnePlus — they may or may not have the best smartphones around, but they sure know marketing. Over the years, we’ve seen brilliant strategies like limited, invite-only launches and VR device reveals, and with the OnePlus 3, they’re looking to drive the hype train further than before. Their previous VR launch used a cardboard set, but this year, they’re using fully-fledged VR headsets — and giving them away for free.

We’re not yet sure when the OnePlus 3 will launch (soon), but when it does, 30,000 people will be able to witness it in glorious virtual reality. Starting earlier today, you could have reserved a free OnePlus Loop VR Headset, which was made in partnership with AntVR. The headset will work with most smartphones, but you’ll need the headset to watch the product launch. OnePlus says they’re making a special VR experience for the occasion, imagining future OnePlus offices in space inside a station called the Loop. If you were quick enough to order one of the VR headsets, you’ll be in it.

We really don’t know much about the quality of this headset, but it doesn’t much matter if you’re getting it for free. The headsets are shipping out within a week of orders being placed, which suggests to us that the product announcement could come as soon as the end of this month. Some rumors have targeted May 28, but that seems to be cutting it close with these VR headsets only starting to ship out. Sadly for us and fortunately for OnePlus, the 30,000 headsets have already been snapped up in less than an hour. Looks like we’re out of the loop this time.

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