Long Overdue Llamas Will Be Added to Minecraft in the Next Update

Minecraft is about to receive possibly its most important update. The 1.11 update is expected to go live sometime this week, and Mojang talked a little about what players can expect at Minecon, which took place in Anaheim over the weekend. Sure, there are new enemies, items, and dungeons, but obviously, the real story here is the addition of llamas. They will be able to carry items, which makes them the coolest way to expand storage space ever.

The blocky llamas can be found in the wild and tamed. Once you’ve got a llama buddy, you can stick a saddle on it and give it a six-slot bag to carry for you. You cannot ride the llama, though, because llamas are not for riding. We applaud Mojang for their informed take on llamas.

There’s some other stuff, too, I guess. A new Woodland Mansion dungeon will start appearing in Dark Oak Forests, which will be populated by new village castouts called Vindicators and Evokers. The Vindicator Illagers will get up in your face, while the Evokers will summon a flying enemy called a Vex. There will also be new treasure maps, which will be traded by new cartographer villagers. The maps will lead to treasure and dungeons out in the world. And, shells dropped by Shulkers can now be used as boxes that will preserve their contents when broken. There might be some other surprises when the update goes live, too, but all of the above was confirmed by Mojang during Minecon.

Anyway, llamas. Llamas probably could have carried an update by themselves, because they’re good pack animals like that.

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  1. turns out you CAN actually ride Llamas in 16w39a. I can’t exactly control their moments YET, but I will figure it out eventually