Netgear Introduces the Arlo Go, an LTE-Connected Outdoor Security Camera

Last month, Netgear introduced the Arlo Pro, an improved version of their battery-powered wire-free security camera. It was a relatively small upgrade over the Arlo, adding two-way audio and enhancing motion detector performance. Today, Netgear is announcing something a little more different — the Arlo Go, a streaming security camera than can go almost anywhere.

The major new feature to note here is 4G LTE connectivity. We recently saw this in the Canary Flex, but that camera requires a separate connected base that can use Verizon’s network. 3G and 4G LTE connectivity is built into the Arlo Go, which uses the AT&T network. Without the need to be within range of a Wi-Fi network or a base station connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Arlo Go can be placed anywhere outdoors and stream video to an app or browser. The only downside is that AT&T’s network isn’t quite as good outside of cities as Verizon’s is, but as long as you live or work in an area where AT&T is reliable, the Arlo Go could be very useful.

Arlo Go 2

Besides the network connectivity, the Arlo Go is nearly the same as the Arlo Pro announced last month. The camera can take 720p video and features motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, weatherproofing, a microSD card slot for local storage, and live streaming with the use of an app (iOS or Android) or browser. The removable battery inside will last about two and a half months with mixed use — keep in mind that estimate is based on the camera only recording when triggered or told to do so, so battery life will depend a lot on how much use it gets. But, Netgear is working on a solar charging accessory that would keep the camera operational indefinitely. Either way, it’s a camera that can operate with no wires and outside the range of any Wi-Fi network. Being a network-connected streaming camera, that puts the Arlo Go in rarefied air, and opens up some new possibilities for a lot of people.


Who does Netgear have in mind? The Arlo Go is meant to have widespread appeal to anyone concerned about security, but they’re particularly going for people who need to keep an eye on things far away from home. Construction sites, boat docks, warehouses, and vacation homes can now be checked on live at any time, but Netgear is also hoping to get the attention of cities and the military, to help secure bases and help neighborhood watch programs. If it’s within AT&T’s coverage zone (and used legally), it’s fair game.

The software improvements Netgear is working on also apply to the Arlo Go. One project involves improving analytics, getting the camera to recognize objects like trees and cats and ignore them if motion is detected (saving you from getting a ton of false alarms). It also works with their cloud storage service, which gives you seven days worth of free storage, 30 days for $10 per month, or 60 days for $15 per month. The Arlo Go also features Arlo Connect, which allows Netgear’s cameras to work with smart home hubs and systems like Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit. ZigBee, and Z-Wave.


The Netgear Arlo Go will be available to businesses this year for $450, with a full launch coming in Q1 2017. Keep in mind that if you get one, you’ll have to add it to your AT&T bill — pricing for those plans will be announced next year when the camera launches.

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