Rebecca Minkoff Has Come Out with the Ultimate iPhone Selfie Case

The fashion icon has teamed up with GE to produce a pretty practical iPhone Case

Selfies have come a long way over the years — these days, we have phones dedicated to taking great selfies, whether it be through the use of a front flash or high-powered, kind of off-putting software features. iPhone users get a pretty solid front camera for their part, but the lighting situation could use some improvement. Rebecca Minkoff and GE now have that problem under control.


Earlier this week, the Glow Selfie Case hit the Rebecca Minkoff online store. Made to fit both the iPhone 6 series and the iPhone 7, the designer case has a ring of LED lights around it to give your selfies strong, even lighting. This should drastically reduce the number of takes required to get a proper selfie. We can’t even imagine how much time this is going to save!

Mind you, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a case. Lush had one earlier this year for the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S7, but that one was made from plastic. The Minkoff case has a more premium metal finish in rose gold, so it’s a looker as well as a selfie savior. And, it’s got softer, more picture-friendly light from GE, so don’t sleep on that. Like the Lush case, the Glow Selfie Case has its own battery, which is rechargeable using a Micro USB cable.


The Glow Selfie Case is available on the Rebecca Minkoff online store for $60. It won’t ship until after Christmas, so while it sadly won’t be nestled in any stockings, it’ll make for a solid late gift for anyone who’s been good enough to get an iPhone 7 this year.

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