Clinique’s Crayola Chubby Sticks Lip Balm Let You Play Dress-Up As A Grown-Up

Clinique took a crack at our collective childhood nostalgia by partnering with Crayola for a limited edition collection of Chubby Sticks, tinted moisturizing balm. They come boxed like a Crayola crayon box made for grown-ups but not too stuffy with names like Mauvelous, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and Mango Tango. Consider us nostalgically pleased.


The Chubby Sticks are nourishing on the lips, being comprised of mango and shea butters. The colors range from sheer to vibrantly bright making the kit of 8 a pretty versatile make-up tool. The kit of 8 mini crayons includes the shades mentioned above as well as Brick Red, Wild Strawberry, Melon, Pink Sherbert, and Red Violet each being 0.04 oz. Just make sure and keep it away from the kids because these are likely to be irresistibly the most beautiful crayon they have ever laid eyes on.

It also would make a great coloring themed gift to pair with some actual crayons and adult coloring books for a fun ladies night in. You will definitely want to stay in the lines with these crayons though. Since this is a limited edition pack, head over to Clinique to secure your own crayon pack so you can play dress as a grown woman should before they run out.

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