This Headband Lets You Control Netflix With Your Mind

Well, you can only press play by thinking, but that’s a pretty good start.

The top minds at Netflix have got this wearable tech thing down pat. Every once in a while, the company declares a hack day, letting employees devise all kinds of Netflix contraptions just for fun (but ones that should really be put on the market). A little over a year ago, they warmed up winter with socks that pause Netflix when you fall asleep, and today, they’ve got something else for anyone who isn’t big on moving during the winter — a headband that can be used to control Netflix.

Dubbed Mindflix, a lot of the headband’s power comes from motion, but rest assured — the engineers managed to take advantage of some bona fide mind-reading tech in there. With the headband on, head nods and tilts can be used to navigate Netflix’s menus until you find something you want to watch. Once you’ve found what’s in your mind, you can use your mind to think the magic word — play — and the video will start up.

So, what’s the secret behind the trick? The engineers used a modified Muse headband, a guided meditation device that measures brain waves to detect brain activity and alter meditation sessions accordingly. The Netflix engineers simply rigged the headband up to hit play on Netflix when it detects those active brain waves instead — you can think the word ‘play’ really hard if you want, but any deep or intense thought will probably do.

That wasn’t the only idea to be realized at this hack day. You can check out other ideas here, which include Stranger Things reimagined as an Atari-era 8-bit video game. Truly, the good people at Netflix are doing yeoman’s work out there.

Like usual with Netflix hack days, Mindflix isn’t something that’s intended as a consumer product. But, we’re pretty sure this is at least the next step toward the day when remotes of all kinds can get lost and stay lost.

Via Business Insider

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