8 of the Geekiest Super Bowl Movie Trailers from Sunday’s Game

Well, they’re mostly geeky, anyway.

Super Bowl Sunday is maybe the second best time of the year for trailer frenzy (that whole San Diego Comic-con thing is hard to top). So, which movies got millions of dollars sent after millions and millions more dollars to get the big game treatment? Here’s eight with a sort of geeky slant. Well, seven. We have our reasons for the eighth.


I don’t know which one is more alarming — that Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine, or that he’s been playing Wolverine for 17 years. There hasn’t been a year in the new millennium when Jackman was not the de facto Wolverine of the film world. If that’s not reason enough to go watch, Logan looks like it’ll make Jackman earn his last Wolverine paycheck — this grim look at the future of the X-Men should be gritty, action-packed, and compelling. Won’t be much longer until you can go see it, either — it hits U.S. theaters on March 3.


What’s this, something that isn’t part of a franchise? Seems like every year gets its original science fiction space movie — the 2017 successor to Interstellar and Arrival should be Life, a timely movie about a manned mission to Mars that discovers, well, you know. It’s not a spoiler, it’s literally the title of the movie. The movie Ryan Reynolds is doing that isn’t Deadpool 2 is coming to theaters on March 24. Full trailer’s below.

Ghost in the Shell

This live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series has gotten some heat for whitewashing the lead role of the Major by handing it to Scarlett Johansson. Another big problem is the challenge of turning an anime/manga into a live action movie, but then again, Ghost in the Shell‘s cyberpunk look at the future of AI, hacking, and robots is pretty well suited to live action, as anime go. We’ll see how things go on March 31.

Transformers: The Last Knight

The fifth (I lost count, had to look that up) Transformers movie will be the last directed by Michael Bay, or at least that’s what being said for now (and has been said before). It’ll by no means by the last overall, though — not with things getting interesting, with Optimus Prime disappearing and maybe coming back a little less friendly. Wahlberg will be back, and Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro will all return after sitting out Age of Extinction. Shia still isn’t walking through that door, but Anthony Hopkins is. Transformers being a summer staple, The Last Knight will arrive in theaters June 23.

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