These Watches Are Covered in the Fur of YOUR Pets

Now you can wear a hairball’s worth of fur on your wrist

Look, pets shed a lot. You could store all that fur in your vacuum, but what if you could make use of it? We’ve all had that thought, right? Analog Watch Co. definitely did — they’re more than willing to take in bags of animal hair and make watches out of it.

As befits your beloved pets, this isn’t just a cheap gimmick. Analog is a design house that makes some lovely watches out of wood, marble, or metal. Their Companion Collection watches will be based on those fancy watches — just with a bunch of animal sheddings painstakingly placed around a stainless steel watch face and leather strap.

They don’t just paste the fur on and call it a day, either. Ziploc up two to four ounces of pet fur, send it over, and they’ll turn it into felted wool, which is then heated and bonded to the strap and case. They even use a water-resistant coating, so your watch doesn’t get that awful wet dog smell when it rains.

If you’re thinking about fit (because you’re obviously thinking about getting one), the case measures 41 mm, while the strap is 20 mm. The furry watches are $200 each, which I guess doesn’t take into account the work you’ll have to do picking two to four ounces of fur out of your carpet (unless you go hard and just shear it off your cat or dog). Unsurprisingly, the watches are backordered, so you might have to wait a while to get yours.

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