Monster’s Ravebox is Pretty Much a Light Show Inside a Speaker

Monster’s latest boombox projects lights that move to the beat of the music.

Earlier this month, Monster helped get a party started on South Padre Island in Texas. The spring break hotspot is home to Ultimate Music Experience, which went down earlier this month. While the likes of Marshmello, Tiesto, and Zedd did the heavy musical lifting, Monster did double duty, providing both light and sound.

Bluetooth speakers that pack in an LED light show have been party favorites for years — the JBL Pulse line is a great example. But, a lot of those light-up speakers are on the small side, and when Monster thinks party, they tend to think big. Their new Ravebox is a boombox, and it specializes in getting loud enough for hundreds, not tens.

It’s not supplying the lights in the usual way, either. Instead of being dotted with LED lights, the Ravebox has a kaleidoscope-like projector that can shine lights out onto the listeners — true to its name, it’s a rave machine. As it always is, the lights can dance to the beat of the music, which should make for some very, um, transfixed ravers.

The Ravebox is part of Monster’s Superstar line, and like many products in that line, this box is more like a triangle. There’s good reason — the V shape at the top end allows the speakers to boom out sounds upwards and in two directions, which should work well for large crowds. And, like any good boombox, it has a big integrated subwoofer to supply the literal good vibrations. For all that’s going on in this thing, it’s pretty impressive that they’ve managed to get about 12 hours of playback on one charge. Should be enough for any party! Most parties, maybe.

The Ravebox is available from Monster now for $450.