The Only Thing Missing From This Seinfeld Set Replica is Kramer Busting the Door Open

The limited edition replica set is only available in limited quantities.

We haven’t seen this much effort put into something Seinfeld related since at least season seven. This Seinfeld set replica is a piece of high art — a diorama of Jerry’s apartment at 1:26 scale. Everything is in its proper place, too, with the creators consulting set photography to make sure they satisfy even the most eagle-eyed fans.

But, you’d better summon up your inner Frank Costanza, because there are some grievances to be aired. Specifically, there appear to be no fridge magnets. Everything else is spot on, from the couch to the door Kramer probably just charged through. The team even used techniques during painting to make the apartment look appropriately shabby. The furniture is actually made from metal, plastic, wood, and fabric — there’s even a meta thing going on, with set lights perched atop the diorama. It’s a shame there are no to-scale Seinfeld action and/or inaction figures.

The set can be preordered now, with shipping slated for June. It would normally cost $500, but a Festivus special offer cuts that price to $400. The special offer was supposed to end after March 1, but they’ve kept it going into this month. It’s a Festivus miracle! Also, it’s not even close to Festivus, so I don’t know what the deal with that is. They’re going to hear about this come December 23 if I remember.

Anyway, you don’t just get the set (which is sweet enough). They’re also throwing in a card cut from one of actual doors used on the set of Seinfeld. Imagine the people who have touched that piece of wood — it may be more valuable than the diorama itself. But, if you want either, the clock’s ticking — only 5,000 units are available.

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