Hidden Figures Are Getting an Official Women of NASA LEGO Minifig Set

The popular LEGO Ideas submission from last year will be available later this year or early next.

Lego Ideas remains the best. The user submission site has led to loads of awesome official Lego sets in the past few years, and the newest one might be our favorite so far. The Women of NASA minifigure set we took a look at last year has made it through the whole approval process, and is now on track to be available in late 2017 or early 2018.

The original submission from Maia Weinstock called for minifigures for Sally Ride, Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Mae Jemison, and Nancy Grace Roman, along with small buildable models of the Hubble space telescope, the space shuttle, mission control, and a lab. While we expect that the five women won’t change, the production model won’t necessarily be what’s seen in the submission — we’ll hear more from Lego about what the official set will look like later this year.

The set is well-timed — Hidden Figures, the December 2016 film, looked at the role Katherine Johnson, along with Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, played in the early history of NASA.

Getting from submission to production on Lego Ideas is no easy task. After getting the 10,000 supporters needed to get Lego’s attention, the most promising sets are grouped up and studied to assess their viability as production sets — whether or not they’ll sell well or compete with existing sets, in other words.

The Women of NASA set is now past that process, and will become a production set. As much as we’re looking forward to the minifigures, we’re hoping that Lego gets ambitious with the building set that they’ll come with, too.

Via The Guardian

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