The Bank of Canada Slipped the Konami Cheat Code into a $10 Bill

Canada is Celebrating Their 150th Anniversary With the Konami Code.

They like to have fun up at the Bank of Canada. 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the nation of Canada, and the Bank of Canada created a commemorative $10 bill for the occasion. They even have the bill up on their site, with a 360-degree rotate tool that lets you check out both sides of the bill.

But shove all that to the side, because someone at the bank hid a rad secret on that website. You may remember the Konami code from your childhood — for many, it was the only thing that made Contra beatable. If that code — up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A — is entered using your keyboard while you’re on the site, something amazing happens.

No, it doesn’t unlock a coupon code for 30 gallons of maple syrup. In what feels like something out of South Park, a chiptuned, 8-bit style version of “O, Canada” starts playing while tiny $10 bills rain down. It made me feel super patriotic, and I’m not even Canadian.

You can also learn a bunch about Canadian history from the people and locations that are featured on the commemorative bill. As best I can tell, Bill and Solid Snake aren’t on there, but I guess the latter could be hiding in one of those landscapes on the back. You can’t put it past the Bank of Canada at this point.

Via Motherboard

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