Black Ice Cream is Here to Put Out That Unicorn Rainbow

A couple of independent ice cream makers are launching a brand new trend.

Every good trend deserves a counter-trend. Apparently, the craze over the sugary-sweet unicorn frappuccino at Starbucks was the last straw for some ice cream makers, and they’ve officially launched a counter-offensive against the rainbow brigade. Get ready for black ice cream.

Like all good Instagram trends, black ice cream was a thing way before the mainstream (including us!) caught on. Apparently, some ice cream makers like Morgenstern’s in New York City have had black ice cream since last year, but it’s Los Angeles-based Little Damage that’s really darkening up Instagram this month.

The all-black ice cream from Little Damage is almond and charcoal flavored — we’ll hold off on judgement until we’re actually able to try it. We don’t doubt that they actually used charcoal, though. It is edible, and is sort of a health food thing in its own right, even if the doses in this ice cream are almost definitely inconsequential.

If you wanted to give almond and charcoal a try, bad news — the flavor is already going away. Don’t get too disappointed, though, because something even better is coming. The creamery’s latest Instagram post is teasing a new black rose flavor, which sounds amazing.

While Little Damage might just be doing black for the trend, it might also reflect their mood after being left out of the Museum of Ice Cream’s stint in Los Angeles. While I’m at it, Saffron & Rose got unforgivably snubbed too!

So, where’s black ice cream going next? For my part, I can probably just wait for one of San Francisco’s illustrious creameries to pick up on the trend — it won’t take long. With the black tide lapping onto shores last summer, it’s only a matter of time before it sweeps the nation. The unicorn will, perhaps appropriately, be gone as soon as it came.

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