Marvel’s Squirrel Girl is Coming to TV as Part of the New Warriors

The series will come to Freeform in winter 2018.

We don’t know if Anna Kendrick is going to get to play her, but we now know for sure that Squirrel Girl is the latest Marvel character to get screen time. An ensemble TV series called New Warriors is officially headed to Freeform (formerly ABC Family) next winter, and it’ll be led by none other than Squirrel Girl.

Squirrel Girl is what she sounds like — a superhero with a host of squirrel powers, like the ability to chew through wood and talk to other squirrels. She’s always been comic relief, and while she’s taken down some serious foes in the comics, New Warriors is going to focus on the comedic side of things. It’ll be a half-hour comedy, and will include several other as-yet unnamed Marvel characters.

It sounds like the show will be The Real World of superhero shows — New Warriors will show the heroes working together and living under one roof. So, expect some superhero drama of a decidedly more adolescent bent (so, not Iron Man and Captain America yelling at each other).

The series has just been ordered, meaning we still have a ways to go before there’s a cast and crew in place. For now, all that’s been confirmed is that Kevin Biegel will serve as writer and showrunner. As for Kendrick, The Hollywood Reporter asked Freeform Executive Vice President of Programming and Development Karey Burke about whether or not the actress would be brought in. She responded with, “This network has made a lot of stars and we’re in a unique position with Squirrel Girl and Marvel. The character is such a calling card. I’m interested to see if name actresses feel right for it,” which seems to suggest that the network, as usual, will look for younger up-and-comers to fill the role.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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