In Case Regular Chips Weren’t Noisy Enough, Here are Some Cricket Chips!

They’re a pretty good source of protein, to be honest.

Ready for your next bag of healthy snacks? ThinkGeek has exactly what you need — cricket chips!

Starting today, the site is selling Chirp Chips — chips made from cricket flour. So, yeah, they’re made out of ground up crickets. Specifically, there’s roughly one cricket per chip. You won’t get all that savory bug juice, but hey, you can’t have everything!

Here’s the part where we tell you that actually, eating crickets is good and not weird. Crickets provide nutrition for plenty of people around the globe, and for good reason — they’re even more protein-dense than beef, allowing Chirp Chips to fit an egg white’s worth of protein into each serving without having all the fat content of potato chips.

They’re also sustainable! Raising crickets for consumption is a lot cheaper, requires a lot less water, and produces a lot less greenhouse gas than raising livestock, making cricket food better for the environment. They also come in delicious BBQ, cheddar, and sea salt flavors! The chips, I mean. I think we’re still 10 or so years out from genetically modified flavor-infused crickets, but I have confidence we’ll get there.


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