Here’s the New Color Crayola is Bringing in to Replace Dandelion

At the end of March, the world was informed that one color would be removed from existence. Crayola exercised that power to remove Dandelion, a shade of yellow, from their box of 24 crayons. At the time, we figured Crayola might just replace Dandelion with a fresh new shade of yellow to preserve the delicate rainbow balance of the 24-pack. Well, we thought wrong — the new color has been revealed, and it’s a shade of blue.

This blue isn’t just new to Crayola, either. The crayon is based on a new blue pigment called YInMn, which was only discovered in 2009 by a chemistry professor at Oregon State University. Naturally, Crayola wasn’t about to let a hot new color fly under their radar, so they decided to include it with their classic crayons, squeezing Dandelion out.

Problem is, YInMn isn’t a super great name for a crayon. So, from now until June 2, Crayola is accepting fan ideas for the new crayon’s name. Suggest a name, and you’ll also be entered to win $100 worth of Crayola stuff, which they’ll be giving out once per week. It’s not clear whether or not Crayola will actually draw the official name from that contest or not, but if the crayon ends up being called Bluey McBlueface, I guess we’ll know.

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