Nicki Minaj is Paying Off Student Loans for Some Lucky Kids

The artist paid off a few straight-A students’ loans over the weekend.

Nicki Minaj isn’t the most lenient mom, but put in the work, and she’ll show you the love in kind. Last week, Minaj promised on Twitter that she’d pay off the loans of students who could send in proof of straight As. Students obliged, and so did Minaj. Over the weekend, she put up an Instagram post with the loans she paid off — and she’s not stopping there.

Things got started when Minaj started talking about dollars on Twitter, prompting a fan to ask her to pay for their tuition. Well, turns out she was interested — at this point, she’s paid off well over $10,000 in loans for multiple students.

Of course, Nicki was realistic about the whole thing — I’m not doubting the robustness of her pocketbook, but she can only do so much to a student debt pile that amounts to over $1 trillion. Minaj wasn’t able to get all of the students she befriended out of debt, but she knocked out a couple whole loans for them, and if nothing else, that’s a whole lot of interest she just saved them from. Minaj’s posts have acknowledged that she can’t keep up this kind of pace, but she’s promising another round of payoffs in a couple months.

Minaj doesn’t want this to become the student loan equivalent of a flash sale, though. When she put up her post of loans she had paid off, she revealed that she’s working on a new charity that will be dedicated to getting students out of debt, and last week she proved she’s serious about it.

To be clear, it’s an absolute embarrassment that Nicki Minaj has to do this. Scads of students in debt across the nation probably can’t help but laugh at the thousands that got paid off here when they’re saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in debt — maybe hundreds of thousands if they had the temerity to want to be doctors or lawyers. Nicki rules for doing this, but the concept of needing a charity to make higher education attainable should be viewed as nothing less than insane.

Via The Huffington Post

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