This RuPaul’s Drag Race Lego Set Needs to Happen

The set is based on the best Snatch Game performances from RuPaul’s Drag Race

It’s time for Lego to step up — platforms will help with that. The latest awesome Lego Ideas submission gaining traction is based on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and while I don’t know that it’s the best user submission we’ve ever seen, it’s definitely the best-named one.

It’s true, though — call something RuPaul’s Brick Race, and we’re sold regardless of content. But, Lego Ideas user SeeMarkGeek delivers more than just a good name. The submission has some backstage scenes, but the centerpiece is the lovingly recreated Snatch Game set, which has been filled with some of the best performances from the library of Drag Race seasons.

Obviously, Ru takes center stage, getting three minifigs — Snatch Game host Ru, runway Ru, and tracksuit Ru (with platforms!). Ru gets a checkered flag, Snatch Game question card, and microphone for the essential Lego accessories. The all-star line up of queens includes some real classics — Katya’s turn as Björk, Milk doing Julia Child, and Alyssa’s Katy Perry. That’s nice, but the other two are the real heavyweights — Bianca’s withering take on Judge Judy and the out-of-nowhere Little Edie that Jinkx Monsoon did (yeah she has that magnifying glass) during season five.

Without an Alaska performance, it’s a controversial set. That’s OK! Lego can fix that once they get their hands on it. Lego Ideas is a site for user submissions, but those submissions can (and have) become real once they’ve hit the magic number of 10,000 supporters. At over 6,600 with two years to go, getting there is as foregone of a conclusion as Chad Michaels looking more like Cher with each passing year.

Once the submission gets 10,000 supporters, it’ll go in front of the official Lego people for judgment, at which point Lego would either pass or make their own design tweaks before selling the set. Hopefully, they’ll read RuPaul’s Brick Race for the winner it is.

Being real, I don’t think they’ll do it. Prove me wrong, Lego.

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