If Disney Princesses Were on Instagram

Here’s 10 Examples of What it Might Look Like if Disney Princesses had Instagram

We all experience FOMO (fear of missing out) from time to time, but these illustrations from Cyplon Holidays takes FOMO to a whole new level. The folks at Cyplon came up with some gorgeous illustrations of our favorite princesses having the time of their lives traveling the world and sharing their experiences on Instagram, and boy do our favorite princesses look like they are having a lot of fun!

Ariel Under the Sea In Croatia

Ariel was longing for the sea, so Eric takes her on a vacation to the Croatia with its stunning sparkling waters. Plus, she can catch up with the fam. Also, Croatia is an ideal place for Ariel to explore the human world – it has ancient ruins, national parks, and artisanal coffee shops. Who could say no to that?

Anna and Elsa Chilling in the Blue Lagoon

Anna and Elsa have been so busy ruling the kingdom, that they never spend time together anymore. Finally, Anna insists they go out somewhere fun, but not too warm, so they head to Iceland where Elsa can relax without defrosting. They’ll return with glowing, refreshed skin and huge smiles.

Aurora Catching Some ZZZ’s in Malta

With Maleficent quelled, Aurora finally has time to pursue her true passion… even if that just so happens to be nap time. Don’t worry though, Malta’s breathtaking ancient sites and gourmet food will rouse anyone out of bed. Between the palaces, beaches, and nightlife, we’d be surprised if she got even a wink of sleep.

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