V-Moda Remix Customizable Bluetooth Speaker Review

A fantastic sounding, high-end bluetooth speaker with unique customization options.

Over the years, V-Moda has built a strong brand for high-end consumer headphones that are beautifully engineered, and, usually customizable. Now, V-Moda has released their first ever bluetooth speaker, and it’s very V-Moda. The V-Moda Remix speaker is the first ever bluetooth speaker to include a built-in headphone amplifier. It may also be the first ever customizable speaker, offering custom sides, grills, and shell, in a variety of different designs, finishes, and materials. That’s not all. The V-Moda features a glass fiber dual-driver, Amazon Alexa compatibility, daisy chain capabilities, built-in microphone, and a 10+ hours of battery.

Ironically, the standard unit without customizations is pretty low-key. Especially our black vegan leather model. On closer inspection, you can identify many bits of finer engineering, but otherwise the Remix looks like a rectangular speaker with some hard edges. There’s 5 buttons on top and a few ports in the back. On each side of the speaker is a rubberized bracelets called remixrings. They help with stabilization but also hide the hex screws for custom housing.

On the top of the speaker is a status light and 5 buttons: power, volume up, volume down, multifunction, and pairing. You can pair two devices at a time. The multifunction button plays, pauses, and skips music. It can access Siri, and voice control features, and also controls phone calls. There’s a built-in microphone for nice and loud speakerphone functionality.

On the back of the speaker is three ports. Firstly, there’s a USB-C charging port. While USB-C isn’t as popular as Micro-USB yet, it will be soon enough. Apparently it also provides “safer charging”. At the very least the included USB-C to USB-A cable fits in any direction into the speaker, which we love. The battery lasts for 10+ hours. The next port is a standard Aux-in for listening to music from any non-Bluetooth device. Finally, there’s another standard auxiliary port, however this is an audio-out amplifier, called Vamp. This is by far, one of Remix’s coolest features. The Vamp can either power a pair of headphones and seriously enrich your listening experience, or, it can be used to daisy chain a second speaker. Vamp allows you to get so much more out of a pair of headphones. It adds a lot of oomph and power to your music, allowing you to hear the finer details with deeper quality. Of course, this is complemented with a nice pair of headphones.

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