Fruit Punch Pickles are Now a Thing at Walmart

Yet another underground food trend is hitting the big time.

It’s the fate of all secret food concoctions to hit the mainstream. Unicorn drinks got picked up by Starbucks, who got sued for their troubles, but this latest creation is a lot less cute and even more unexpected. If you’re not already acquainted, meet fruit punch pickles.

It’s what it sounds like — after cucumbers have taken a brine bath and become pickles, they’re sealed up in a jar of fruit punch to create a sweet and sour sensation. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, and because I haven’t tried it, I won’t judge.

Fruit punch pickles are ready to hit the big time this summer thanks to Walmart. They’re now selling Tropickles at their stores under their Great Value brand for $2. But, punchy pickle wedges didn’t start here — a quick YouTube search will give you a history (and a DIY) lesson, along with the revelation that many times, pickles are doused in none other than Kool-Aid.

Eventually, I came across a video using Mountain Dew instead of fruit punch, and then I stopped looking. Apologies, but I will go ahead and knock that one without trying it.

Via Today

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