Luke from Gilmore Girls is Starting His Own Coffee Brand

Scott Patterson is serious about coffee.

Is a diner on the way? Well, hopefully the Lego version is, but here’s something that’s definitely real — Scott Patterson is starting his own coffee brand. Unlike his character, the actor who played Luke in Gilmore Girls loves coffee, and he’s serious enough about it to start selling beans.

News about the coffee brand came from an unlikely source — an interview mostly about financial planning that Patterson did with Wealth Management. At the very end of the interview, Patterson revealed that he’s working on a coffee brand called Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee (it could use some work). Luke wasn’t a fan of coffee, but apparently Patterson is the exact opposite — he says he’s always thinking about quality coffee in the interview.

Patterson says he’s still doing some planning before launching the brand (it was an interview about financial planning, after all), so there’s no telling when you can actually get some of this Big Mug Coffee, or if cafes are in the works.

The rest of the interview is sort of interesting in its own right — there are bits about how Patterson saw himself as extremely fortunate to get the part of Luke in what ended up being such a popular show, and that he recognized that luck at the time and spent accordingly.

Alright, that’s not as interesting as the coffee bit, but it’s good reading if you’re thinking about retirement!

Via Nerdist

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