These Prototype Russian Military Suits Look Straight Out of Halo

The suits would include a helmet with a heads-up display.

Not to be outdone by the Iron Man suit the United States has been building for years now, Russia is hopping into the sci-fi game with a prototype exoskeleton suit that looks right out of your space-based shooting video game of choice. It’s not just the stuff of sci-fi dreams, though — while the futuristic-looking helmet is the centerpiece, there’s plenty here that’s practical for military use.

The suit itself does most of the heavy lifting, literally. The exoskeleton can help the wearer carry heavy loads, enabling faster movement in the field. The entire thing is heavily reinforced to block bullets and shrapnel, too — all the toys aside, the main point of these military projects is usually to keep soldiers alive.

Not that much is known about the helmet, other than that it looks rad and will throw a heads-up display in front of the wearer — what information that will contain is unknown.

Word’s getting out thanks to a YouTube video posted by Russia Today, which shows the prototype’s unveiling at the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow. How soon it’ll be ready or how functional it will be is another question — exosuits like these need power to operate, and it’s very difficult to supply enough power while keeping the suit light enough to be practical. The suit could have its benefits even without power, but it’s hard to believe it’d be worth the investment unless soldiers could definitely make full use of the suit at all times.

Via Engadget

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