Dunkin’ Donuts is About to Change Its Name

The chain yearns to be known for more than just donuts.

I hope you’re sitting down, preferably with an iced coffee and a glazed donut, because this news is going to hit you hard. Dunkin’ Donuts, one of the nation’s most beloved stops on the way to work, is getting a new name, kinda. In what may really just be cost-cutting measure, Dunkin’ Donuts is about to simply go by Dunkin’.

Dunkin’ what? Why, whatever you want! Apparently, the chain badly wants to communicate that they’re not just about donuts (which, let’s be real, are just OK), so they’re dropping the Donuts in the name. I guess that could save some money on printing cups and signs outside, but then again, now they might have to ditch that DD short logo, so let’s call it a wash.

For now, the name change is just being tested — there’s only one location in Pasadena with the Dunkin’ sign out front. I guess they’ll probably run with it in the end, though? Probably half the people doing Dunkin’ Donuts runs were just calling it Dunkin’ anyway, because who likes to say two words when one will do? The color scheme isn’t changing and customers are only looking at the drive-thru menu anyway, so we kinda doubt that many people are even going to notice. Carry on!

Via Today

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