Here’s What You Need to Watch During Your Netflix Halloween Marathon

It’s almost Halloween! You could be going out rocking any number of rad costumes, but it’d be a whole lot easier to dress up as a hermit, get comfy, and leave a window open so you can toss candy out to the kids when they come by. You’ve got Netflix to watch!

We’ll admit that Netflix does not make this easy these days. They’re going all-in on their original content, which is all fine and good, but it’s come at the expense of a lot of good old movies. What we’re saying is, there’s definitely going to be a Halloween classic or 10 that you won’t find on Netflix this year. But, if you’re scared of Netflix execs doing astral projection to terrorize your binge station if you don’t stay true to Big Red, here’s how to stay glued to Netflix on Halloween — after you’ve gorged on season two of Stranger Things, of course!


Kick it off light with a little comedy horror! Gizmo is pretty low stakes as movie monsters go. Besides, you’re better of knocking this one out before midnight.



Keeping it light, but ratcheting up the tension a little bit — those button eyes, man.

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